Grip Strength Equipment

Are you excited about greatly improving your current gripping power? Are you tired of weak handshakes and tingly fingers after lifting heavy objects? If you are, it’s time that you learned about the different grip strength equipment that will enable you to develop a vice-like grip that you’ve never felt before. This discussion will center on commonly used tools and equipment for vastly enhancing grip strength and also the best ways to use the equipment, so that you can get optimum results.

Hand Grippers

One of the best tools out there for beginners is the conventional, v-shaped hand grippers. These little tools may not look like much, but they can really pack a punch in terms of challenging a person’s grip.

Try to find a hand gripper that fits your hand, but has thick handles that won’t hurt your skin. Thick handles are excellent for challenging one’s grip, but you don’t have to hurt your skin in the process. Plastic or rubber-coated v-shaped hand grippers are highly recommended, so you can continue using them without harming the skin on your hands.

When you are no longer satisfied with a small or medium-sized hand gripper, progress to larger and consequently wider hand grippers. These wider variants are definitely more difficult to hold, but they really produce the best hand workouts. When you squeeze a hand gripper, aim to position the handles parallel to each other by driving both handles to the center. Use your thumb and the four upper fingers to do this.

Block Weights

Block weights are hexagonal or square weights with no handles at all. They can be fashioned from old hexagonal dumbbells or you can buy them from specialty stores. If a sporting goods store sells Russian kettlebells you will most likely find block weights, too. Block weights are very challenging, because you will have to stretch your fingers really wide to get a grip on the top of a block weight.

Thick bar

Thick bar weights are the champions of the grip strength world because they provide a very different experience from conventional weights. If you do not grip a thick bar weight tightly, the weight is going to roll off and drop to the floor. So, be careful when handling thick bar weights for the first time.

Grip Adaptors

You can also enjoy the benefits of thick bar weights by investing in plastic or rubber grip adaptors. Grip adaptors are meant to be clamped onto barbell or dumbbell handles. They will instantly change the girth of the handle, making the barbell a little harder to grip and lift.

Should you choose to use a grip adaptor for a couple of hours, you are well on your way to breaking any lifting plateaus that have been bugging your training regimen.

If you do not have access to grip adaptors, wrap a small towel around your weight’s handle instead. Towel-wrapped handles are just as challenging to grip.

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